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How to create a lasting impression upon the first meeting.

Did you know that upon meeting someone for the first time, it takes a mere 7 seconds to form the first impression?


While this usually goes without saying, this particular first impression could mean everything for you … Read more »

The Art of Delegating

The best leaders aren’t those who instruct their team at every corner and turn – but rather,
they are those who have perfected the art of delegating!

While this might be questionable to some, it’s crucial to remember that your energy should be reserved … Read more »

Overcoming failure to find success

What is failure to you?


To me, it was not getting a single listing in the first 11 months of my real estate career – no matter how hard I tried! It was difficult enough entering the industry, and … Read more »

How to secure your place in the market

Real estate is a competitive game.There’s an army of ambitious agents out there and only so many listings, so if you want to succeed you need to know how to secure your place in the industry.  

 … Read more »

How to Succeed in Real Estate

Throughout the years, I’ve come to learn that a successful real estate career does not equate to how well you do in the industry. While setting and meeting KPIs are absolutely vital, there is one other priceless element that defines … Read more »

The Value of Training and Coaching

Since becoming an agent, my relationship with training and coaching has gifted me more than I could ever imagine. At the early point in my career, I had been travelling all around the country to attend training courses. Now, … Read more »

How Sabrina Uses Auctions to Her Advantage

The number of auctions has been steadily increasing in recent years, but although the sales process is widely popular in the eastern states, here in WA it is starting to gain momentum. I’ve been a firm believer in the power … Read more »

Being A Woman in Real Estate

I’m often asked what it’s like being a woman in real estate. My journey started back when real estate was much more of a male-dominated industry compared to today. Other women with similar experiences can agree that this can be … Read more »

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