Why Choose Us

Total energy, total dedication and total professionalism. That’s a promise.

We are totally focused on providing superior services to you. Our service mission is simple – to look after your property as if it were one of our own.  This means providing you with personalised service at all times.

We believe in hard work and we are never afraid to go that extra mile.  We are a professional and dynamic team that will produce the right result for you.

It takes years of knowledge, trust, understanding, sincerity and strength to win a seller and buyer’s trust and confidence in order to achieve a great result. These are the key elements of what to expect from our Sales Team at MINIC PROPERTY GROUP:

With much dialogue required during the selling process, choosing an Agent who is highly communicative and prepared for earnest discussion is paramount. Your Agent ought to constantly be in contact with you, providing buyer feed-back after each purchaser inspection, alerting you to recent comparable sales and other market information relevant to you. Discussions around changes to the marketing plan and identifying target markets are also required throughout the process. An empathetic approach, along with listening to your needs is important so that the outcome is driven by you and not pre-determined by your Agent.

The Agent you choose is legally bound to act on your behalf and under your instruction. Much of your Agent’s work occurs “behind the scenes” and thus you need to be confident your Agent will be thorough and methodical. The selling process is only complete on the day of settlement and you should choose an Agent you consider most likely to work closely with you from the day of listing through to settlement.

Knowledge & Experience
Those who choose to live in the area know what attracts buyers to the area. Members of our Sales Team are all long-term residents and make it their business to know each and every street in and around Perth. This knowledge only comes from experience and collectively we offer more than 100 years’ worth! A knowledgeable Agent understands the clear and subtle differences in promoting and selling all kinds of properties, knowing how to engage buyers attracted to each. Understanding contractual obligations, relevant legislation and planning schemes is also important in protecting you.

Trust & Negotiation
Trusting your Agent is ranked as the main reason why sellers choose a particular Agent over another. The longevity of an Agency in your area along with a sample of any testimonials is worth considering when looking for a quality, trustworthy Agent. Negotiation skills are honed from many years of experience, must come “naturally” and be firmly entrenched in an Agent’s fiduciary responsibility to achieve the highest price for a property that the market will bear.

The best Agents will have established and maintained relationships with qualified buyers looking for your type of property but also understand that the largest buyer group are those that are “going with the flow”.  Ask yourself, “When I buy, how do I find a property?” depending on when you last purchased, most answers are “on real estate websites”. Marketing to these buyers is important but marketing to all buyer groups through traditional (print media) and contemporary innovative (digital media) marketing is paramount to attracting buyers to compete for your property, revealing the best price. Your Agent also needs to identify the relevant marketing attributes of your property and suggest ways to present it at its best in both print and online.