Selling Tips

Properties which are well presented (neat, clean, de-cluttered and tidy) often sell for more than those presented in an unkempt state. Giving your home a face-lift doesn’t have to be expensive. In most instances a simple spring clean, repainting, pruning or minor landscaping is all that is required, but be prepared to spend extra money if necessary replacements are essential, for example for gutters and roofing. When preparing your home, you want every Buyer to emotionally engage and envisage themselves living in each part of the house. In preparing your home for sale, here is a useful guide to help you get your property looking its best before we present it to potential Buyers.


  • Garden: mow and edge lawns, tidy up any fallen leaves, remove any obvious weeds, trim back overgrown shrubs and trees.
  • Sweep paths and driveways; remove all cars from the driveway.
  • Put away children’s bikes, basketballs, toys etc.
  • Ensure rubbish bins are moved out of sight.
  • Remove cobwebs.
  • Clean windows, inside and out.
  • If your home has a front fence it should be clean, painted and well maintained. It might also be time to replace fences that separate your property from your neighbours. This expense can be shared between neighbours and it’s surprising the difference it can make to your property’s appearance.
  • Gutters and fascia boards are commonly overlooked. Replace leaky gutters and down pipes and connect these to soak wells. This will prevent the pooling of water at the base and show prospective Buyers that the property is well cared for.
  • Roofing: Cracked tiles on roofs should be replaced along with any rusted iron sheets on metal roofs. New ridge capping on tiled roofs will also significantly improve the appearance of a home.
  • Painting concrete pathways at the front of a home is a simple and effective way to smarten things up, as it gives the impression of space. Cracked and potholed driveways should also be replaced or upgraded. Check with your local council about possible financial assistance for new driveways that cross over the verge.
  • The front door and windows are the ‘eyes’ of a home. Keep them clean and consider repainting or re-varnishing the door.
  • Streetscape – ensure the front of your home looks inviting from the street.
  • If the letterbox has seen better days, find a nice replacement.


  • Wipe off any visible marks from walls.
  • Hide any extension cables or speaker cables.
  • De-clutter as much as possible throughout the house. Remove any general clutter, books, magazines, CD’s, ornaments and photo frames from shelves, bookcases and tables.
  • If there are bold paint colours in areas of the house, use neutral colours to soften the spaces. It is important to make the home attractive to as many buyers as possible. Creating a neutral space allows Buyers to imagine their furniture and style in your home.
  • Remove all cobwebs and dust.
  • Ensure the windows are clean inside and out.


  • The kitchen is often the focal point of the home, so ensure that this area sparkles.
  • Clear any bench tops of clutter by removing toasters, kettles and other appliances if possible. This will maximise the work space. Ensure every surface and work space is clean.
  • Clean all bench tops, the oven, cook tops and dishwasher doors.
  • Remove fridge magnets, notes, photos and calendars from the fridge.


  • Remove all personal items from bench tops (toothbrushes, toothpaste, shavers etc.).
  • Remove shampoo, soaps and any other personal hygiene items from the shower and bath area.
  • Clean all mirrors, shower screens (inside and out) and bench tops.
  • Replace dirty or broken shower curtains with new, clean ones.
  • Fold towels neatly over towel rails or remove them completely.
  • Remove bath and toilet mats.


  • Ensure all beds are made with bed clothing straight and wrinkle free.
  • Remove any personal items on the bedside (alarm clocks, books etc.).
  • Tidy and organise walk-in-robes. An area that is organised will help to create the illusion of space.


  • Turn on lights and lamps to create ambience.
  • In winter, if you have a fire place or heater remember to turn these on to make sure the home is as warm and inviting as possible.
  • In summer, place a bowl of limes or lemons on the kitchen counter – they add a fresh scent to the home. And turn on the air conditioner if its an extremely hot day.
  • Turn off the television and any ceiling fans.
  • Add a simple centre piece, a candle, flowers or an ornament to the dining room table or kitchen bench.
  • Open blinds, curtains and windows where possible to let in natural light and fresh air.
  • Ensure all valuables are locked away.