Why Choose Us

Managing Your Property with MINIC PROPERTY GROUP

Our experienced team is passionate about property and has a thorough understanding of the Perth rental market. We prioritise the interpretation of your needs; applying this information to the marketing and management of your property in a manner that enhances its value.

We’re flexible and understand that every person is unique, so we offer specific services which are tailored to your needs. We can manage every aspect of your rental property, and if you’re not sure what your role in the process should be, we can guide you. If you have several rental properties, we can make life even easier by managing all of your property assets for a more competitive fee.

With our extensive property management knowledge and understanding of Perth, we also provide general advice to property owners, helping them make informed decisions.

We adhere to the highest industry standards and understand the importance of good communication with our owners, tenants and service providers. If you own rental property and are looking for a skilful and experienced property manager who understands the value of your assets, give us a call today.