How to Succeed in Real Estate

Throughout the years, I’ve come to learn that a successful real estate career does not equate to how well you do in the industry. While setting and meeting KPIs are absolutely vital, there is one other priceless element that defines the longevity of ‘success’.


What might it be, you ask?


Simply put, it’s about the rapport you maintain with the public. Establishing lasting relationships with your clients is vital to your long-term success.


No amount of advertising, calls or emails can ever replace the human aspect. In fact, 90% of my business comes from referrals and repeat customers.


No matter what, I take the liberty to meet with each and every prospective client who needs our help.  I remember the times back in the day where I would be aching for an extra hand, and as such, I wouldn’t want anyone to delve into the property experience alone. Keeping in touch with the community is my priority, and my wonderful team puts this to good practice, as well.


Whether that’s attending community functions and keeping in touch with clients or  remembering their birthday and celebrating their highlights, people will begin to understand that you are on their side.


Aside from investing in individual relationships, it’s important to remain professional and entirely realistic with them. Advice is best given when honest, and no client can ever be too informed. As they entrust you with one of the most important decisions of their life, your client will appreciate the pains you’ve taken to keep them updated. Service goes beyond the standard work hours.


In retrospect, I can only look to my early days as an agent fondly – as now there is nothing I would change. Some of my clients are people I have known growing up, while many are those that I become acquainted with in my areas of passion.

When people seek you out as the trusted agent in the community, that’s when you know you’re doing something right.

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