How to secure your place in the market

Real estate is a competitive game.There’s an army of ambitious agents out there and only so many listings, so if you want to succeed you need to know how to secure your place in the industry.  


The path to long-term success lies in firmly establishing yourself in your core area. When people are thinking about selling their home you want your name to be the first one they think of when it comes to choosing their agent. Strong branding, well-designed signboards, local advertising, digital marketing, do whatever it takes to make your name stick in someone’s mind.     


Even after you’ve made that connection with a prospective client and have your foot in the door, chances are good you won’t be the only agent vying for the listing. Name recognition is not always enough, if you want to have the reputation as the area expert then you need to earn it. Doing the research is essential. Make sure that on top of knowing the specific ins-and-outs of your core suburbs, you know the figures too. That includes the number of sales and the number of other properties on the market, both local and Perth wide. If you’re armed with all the answers then you’ll be ready for any question.  


Respect your competitors and know who they are. Before heading into an appraisal, ask yourself who are you likely to be up against. How are they different to you? What do they do better? Most importantly, what can you deliver that your competitor can’t? Creating a strong point of difference is key to letting a client know that you are the right person for the job.  


At end of the day, merely wanting the listing is never going to be enough. You need to use that hunger and let it drive you, be ready to put in the long hours, the hard work. When you fail, don’t just pick yourself up, take the time to think about what you could have done better. Why did they choose your competitor over you and how can learn from it? Use that information, adapt, grow.

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