Being A Woman in Real Estate

I’m often asked what it’s like being a woman in real estate. My journey started back when real estate was much more of a male-dominated industry compared to today. Other women with similar experiences can agree that this can be exceptionally intimidating. However, we women can use this opportunity to turn this difference into a strength.


I won’t deny that there will be setbacks. I endured trial after trial since making the decision to pursue a career in real estate. In a time when you had to be sponsored by an agency, I door knocked more than 15 agencies, repeatedly facing rejection, until my first licensee acknowledged the potential in me.


So hard work DOES pay off, despite the nonbelievers. I firmly believe that fateful encounters, the kind that solidify your career, sometimes only materialise after constantly putting yourself out there. When I secured my first license, some may call it ‘fate’. But in the end, I created my own opportunity. If you possess the drive and commitment, we all can situate ourselves to be ready when the blessings finally come to you.


It all starts with a belief and fire in yourself that fuels persistence, that in turn will cause others to notice you. It all comes down to this classic mantra: “If they can do it, so can I!” No one sustains success by accident; no one will back a person who doesn’t back themselves.


We all have weaknesses. This is not what makes us women, it’s what makes us all human. But strength is understanding your weaknesses. Gauge yourself objectively and build yourself upwards. You yourself are a work in progress; an important investment that is sure to bring your deserved return through hard work. At Minic Property Group, we value diversity, ambition and perseverance.

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